Dress to Kill

On a recent trip to San Diego, I spoke with an elderly lady at the airport. I asked her how people dressed back in her day. She told me that when she was a teenager her parents would take her shopping. They would tell her to change into her best clothes to go into town for shopping. Girls wore dresses or skirts while boys wore a shirt, tie, and coat. Wow those were the days.

In the early years of aviation, flying was a privilege mostly reserved to the few who could afford to travel in such an extravagant manner. Because it was a great pleasure to travel via airplane, people always dressed up for the event. Today traveling on an airplane is no big deal and it shows by the clothes people choose to wear to the airport.
I asked 20 people at the San Diego airport why they didn’t dress up for their trip. Here are their answers in no particular order.
• Budget
• Time
• Afraid of fashion police
• Wanted to be casual/comfortable

These answers are not too surprising in our “give me comfort” society. Most people feel that dressing well is expensive. It is a ritual that takes way too much time in an “I have no time” world. Lets face it we are all a little scared of the fashion police. Stacy London could pop out of nowhere and tell us what not to wear. We live in a society where everybody feels entitled to have whatever they want. Why would we not dress comfortable? It’s too bad that casual has turned into looking like a slob.

I have identified three things that dressing well can do for you.

• Positive attitude: your attitude will improve. You’ll also have a better attitude toward others, and their attitude will be improved toward you. When things don’t go your way and they won’t, you will walk in faith, full of hope for a better tomorrow.
• Confidence: dressing well gives you pep in your step. It makes you feel that anything is possible and you are dressed for anything that comes your way.
• Detail oriented: people that are well dressed take the time to coordinate colors, consider their audience and message for the day.

Author Joanna Mathers recently stated in a article that “Clothes tell a story, make it a good one.” Just imagine how different your life would be if you stepped up your game and started to dress well. Next time you go to the grocery store, or you go shopping, dress up and pay attention to the way people look at you. No, they are not making fun of you. They are admiring your sense of style. When you dress up people see you in a better light. Next time you go to work, dress up. If you typically wear jeans and t-shirt, wear khakis and a button down. If you wear khakis and a button down wear dress slacks, a nice button down shirt and a sport coat. You get the idea, dress up to a higher standard. Men suit up! At first people will say “what’s the occasion?” “Who died?” Along with other ignorant questions and comments. But, if you dress up long enough people will follow your lead.

Ladies stop wearing flip flops or sandals. This is only ok if you are at the beach or the pool. Wear a skirt and blouse. Wear a dress. Please, please make sure your skirts and dresses fall to your knees. Length does matter, be classy.

Let’s face it our society has moved to a more of a casual way to dress. We want comfort in all aspects of our lives. We live in a time when comfort is linked to casual. Look your very best at all times, dress up for your audience and message. You have so much to share with others. I hope that moving forward you will not try to dress to impress but rather dress to kill!

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