Are You Promoting the Right People?

downloadIn fact, Gallup estimates that organizations get it wrong 82% of the time. This shouldn’t be that surprising seeing how rare highly talented managers are: Gallup finds that about 1 in10 people naturally possess the skills to manage.

I come from a sales background and time after time I have seen top performers get promoted to management positions only to find out that they performed poorly because they lacked management skills. Top performing sales people are not interested in sharing the secrets of their success with those they manage. They feel that they are giving up their competitive edge.

This phenomenon isn’t just occurring in the corporate world either. We also see it in the sports we hold so dear. Time and time again you will see a sports team promote or hire an ex-superstar athlete only to fire them later when they have had no success.

We shouldn’t be surprised to find that the middle of the pack employees or just good athletes make the best managers and coaches. These individuals pay attention to detail and they are interested in motivating others to greatness. In other words, they possess the management skills that are necessary to lead teams to success.

These are some skills to look for in people before you promote them to management positions.

  • Motivator: They will inspire and challenge team members to achieve greatness.
  • Assertiveness: They will remove obstacles.
  • Accountability: They assume responsibility when things go wrong and distribute accolades when things go right.
  • Relationships: They help foster strong relationships with team members and clients. They are good communicators.
  • Decision-Making: They will always choose the best solution for the organization.

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