Communicate to Connect to Increase Sales

One of my favorite activities as a sales person was to watch other Sales reps make their sales calls. ‘Sales rep watching’, as I called it, was not only entertaining but also educational because I could learn what not to do with certain clients, and equally as valuable, I learned what worked with certain clients.

I learned that the most useful, and powerful skill I could develop was to master the ability to communicate and connect with my customers.  I noticed that it didn’t matter what type of sales person you are; a relationship builder, educator, driven or passive, they can all get short-term results. The ability to communicate to connect was the winning formula for long-term success. Reps that make the sales call about them, or schmoozed their way through a sale only have short-term success, but in the long run their approach would prove to be lack luster.

What I learned when we communicate to connect with customers:

  • The focus is on the customers needs
  • We ask the right questions
  • We build and foster relationships that are lasting
  • Sales calls have a greater purpose
  • We become great story tellers

Famous leadership author John Maxwell said, “Everyone Communicates, But Few Connect.”

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