S.M.A.R.T Goals


Last week I had an amazing opportunity to speak with some high school kids about setting goals. We discussed the importance of setting and achieving goals. I asked these students how many of them had set New Year’s resolutions or new goals for 2015. Most of the students raised their hands and shared some of their goals. I asked them how many of them were currently working on those goals. Less than half of the hands went up. Shocking? No, not really. Most of us set goals at the beginning of each year (like to lose 10 lbs.) and we stop working on it by the time February rolls around.

I believe that there are four areas that we should (set?) goals around.

1. Spiritual
2. Family
3. Business, Career, or School
4. Self
When we focus on these four areas we are building toward living a well-balanced life.

Here is a great formula to assist you in setting goals. Most of you are already familiar with this formula called S.M.A.R.T

S-Specific and Written



R-Realistic and attainable

T- Timetable

Two takeaways from our conversation: First, the R-Realistic and attainable. Many students expressed the idea that our goals should not be too big, that we have a greater chance of achieving our goals if they are realistic to others. I shared with them that our goals should only be realistic to us. The Wright Brothers’ dream of flight was not realistic to many but it was realistic and attainable to the Wright Brothers. The second takeaway was to share our goals with those that will assist us in achieving our goals.

To live the life you’ve imagined focus on setting goals in these four essential areas-Spiritual, Family, Business or school, and Self. Dream big and share your dreams with those that will assist you in achieving greatness.

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