Are you getting what you expected or what you wanted from your in-house trainers?

In 2015 Companies spent $160 billion on employee training and education! The question becomes, are you getting the desired ROI from your training investment?
Did you send your training team to conferences only to have them return and it is business as usual?
Did the staff return engaged, motivated and dynamic in delivering training to employees in your organization?

If you are interested in developing dynamic presenters/trainers
If you are interested in providing trainer-led-coaching (most popular and effective method of education)
If you are interested in increasing the return from your training staff
If you are interested in reducing training costs for your training department

Then you need to book Master Trainer Eric Aroca as your next Trainer/Coach

It is Eric’s ability to relate and connect with everyone he comes in contact with that allows him to be such a captivating trainer/coach.
Eric will provide your people with sound principles for each training course, he will also share a model for each training course based on sound principles and science.

To get more information about working with Eric contact us at 801-368-5266.